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Have You Upgraded Your Mindset Recently?

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Image by websuccessdiva via Flickr

I had a short discussion with a client just a few days ago. She was describing that people like to upgrade many things in their lives, especially their mobile phones, houses, cars, computers and even their watches! Don’t forget ladies upgrading their diamond rings too (my wife wanted me to write this)!

However, how many of us actually spend enough time and resources to upgrade our mindset?

We tend to focus on things that will not last, shouldn’t we focus on things that will Add Value to the way we think? I mean, our mindset is the very thing that is constantly with us, right?

I previously shared with my clients that I used to start off as a small time trainer, working very hard for just $30/hr (way below market rate for trainers). This was pretty bad, knowing that there were many assignments that only engaged me for 2 hours only!

Things started to changed when I realised that my mindset was preventing me to earn more money. I started to work very hard on learning how to deliver well and even paid thousands of dollars to attend Seminars. I wanted to learn and was hungry to be among the best. After some time, I remembered earning $1250 dollars after a 4 hour training session! Wow, what a big change from the previous salary that I earned! This completely changed my mindset and expanded my belief systems. My boundaries started changing again when I made over $6500 after another 4 hour training session. This completely helped me realised that the only person who was giving me limiting belief systems was myself!

How we look at things really matter in life. Without a strong mindset and God’s guidance, I will not be where I was today. I encourage you to constantly invest in yourself to upgrade your mindset. It definitely pays dividends and will bring you to higher ground! Onwards and Upwards.

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