Failure Is Not The End, But The Beginning

Fail forward to success

Let’s face it, people hate to fail. I don’t like failing, but if I ever need to fail, I have to fail forward. Failing forward means to learn something from my experience and still do something good out of the situation.

Donald Trump, America’s biggest real estate tycoon shares in his book: Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life:

Do not view any failure as the end.

Learn from your lessons quickly, then move on. Do not dwell on the failure. Start thinking big again. Fill your mind with thoughts that make you feel good, plans for the future, past successes, good things your friends said about you, anything that puts a positive spin on your inner dialogue.

Learn the art of forgetting.

Move on and do not give a thought to the bad things that have happened to you. Do not be an idealist, wishing things were different, wishing bad things had never happened, and wishing you lived in a fairy tale world where everything turns out right. Do not wait for everything to be perfect before you start taking action again. Be a realist. It will never be perfect. Just resolve to do better, then move on, forgetting the past. View every failure as a step on the way to ultimate success. Remember, persistence plus learning from mistakes equals success.

Failure is part of the feedback loop in life.

If we dwell on it, it does not serve us at all. Great people became great because they learnt to overcome it and not commit the same mistake again. Always fail forward!

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