Do You Catch Your Staff Doing Good?

In most organisations, we usually catch people making mistakes and reprimanding them for it. However, my question is “Do you catch your staff doing good?”

I recall a conversation that I had with a primary school teacher three years ago that he lamented that most schools usually punish bad behaviour in front of the entire school. However, he has yet to see students being constantly commended for their excellent behaviour. This is very important because it sets the tone to the rest of the students (and teachers as well) that this is a good example of what good behaviour is, rather than constantly focusing on bad ones. It usually seems that bad behaviours always get attention while people doing good or right are not widely acknowledged.

In work itself, we should always highlight people’s good work ethics, performance and even kindness in front of the rest of the staff. This comes in the form of verbal encouragement that is immediately dished out when you see a good behaviour. By doing it immediately, you are giving a signal that you are waiting to catch them doing good and you are quick to praise.

How To Give An Effective 90 Seconds Praise:

• Immediately give praise when a work is done well, behaviour is right or even when effort is put in. Praise need not be reserved for the best performance, anything that is good will do.
• Put your hand on the person’s back or upper arm to help them feel emotionally connected with you. You can even shake their hands to get this effect.
• Be specific on what he/she has done well.
• Tell them how you feel about it or how it has helped people around them or the organisation.
• Pause for a short while to let the words sink into their hearts.
• Thank them for their efforts and encourage them to do more of the same.

All these should take 90 seconds and I believe it will definitely brighten up their day. I used this step by step process with a group of leaders that I was training and asked them to apply it on each other. The responses I got from them were astonishing. Everyone single leader felt encouraged and some of them even commented that they never knew that the other person was paying attention to some of their good works. This process is a form of team building; use praise and encouragement to build your team.

Give your 90 seconds of praise everyday and I will guarantee that you will see a change in the attitudes of your staff.

You can also engage me to speak on this topic for your staff.

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