Being Pro-active in Life; Getting Ahead When Others Don’t

There is a difference between being pro-active and reactive. In most cases, people are reactive to their environment. Being reactive, however, is not the way to get ahead in life. If you want to get ahead, stay ahead and make the most out of your personal development endeavours, you need to be PROACTIVE.

3 Ways You Can Lead Your Way to Being Pro-Active

1. Take responsibility for your actions

Do not blame others for outcomes, road blocks or problems.  When you blame other sources, you are reacting to the situation. Instead, take a step out of the situation and look at it from an unbiased and unemotional standpoint. In this, you will find that you will be able to take responsibility for your actions and deal with them appropriately. As a leader, I used to think that my group is lazy and constantly lay blame that they only have their own interests at heart. However, when I started taking responsibility for the results I’m getting, I started asking better questions like “How can I make them more pro-active? Is there anything that I can do for them to own the work, rather than me telling them what to do?”

Only you have the power to take action and make changes for yourself; it is a choice. Taking the initiative to accept responsibility will lead to actions to avoid problems and will to purposeful outcome.

2. Define where you eventually want to be in life

Just as businesses have mission statements, it is recommended that you create a personal mission statement for your personal development process. Your mission statement can present itself in the form of goals. Making clear and direct long term goals will help guide you through your life. You need to be able to “see” yourself in that situation. By visualizing where you want to be, it will motivate you to get there.

3. Prioritize

Think about what things you feel are the most important. When you deem something highly important, you need to put it first; at the top of the list. As you reach your daily goals, you will keep in mind that they come second, third or fourth to the most important aspects of your life.

It is also good to note to not overextend yourself. When you overextend yourself, you are letting the most important aspects of your life slip. I have personally made a lot of mistakes by over-committing myself, doing too many things and yet not being able to give my best. I have repented and now know that it its worth doing, I should do it with all my intensity. Although it is sometimes hard to say “no” when situations arise, you need to consider between doing more or being more effective. You Choose!

Considering these three points, you will realize a proactive person is someone who has a choice, who also takes action on their aspirations. The only thing that holds a person back is themselves. Once the first step is taken, the rest fall into place. Remember, for things to change, I must first change.