Why You Must Display Excellence In What You Do

As I sit here in a bustling Starbucks cafe at Subvarnabhu Airport in Thailand, eagerly awaiting my flight to Almaty (Kazakhstan), I find myself reflecting on the concept of Excellence.


Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to various organizations such as the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore, Sime Darby, and Dominos Pizza. And it got me thinking, what exactly is Excellence and why does it hold such significance in our lives? I mean, honestly… why should we strive for excellence in everything we do?


The Distinction Between Excellence and Perfectionism

(Before we delve further, take a moment to ponder this question).

To me, Excellence is the constant desire to continually improve in our endeavors.

It involves carefully examining our processes and systems, aiming to make them better. This means thoughtfully considering every step and implementing changes where necessary.

On the other hand, Perfectionism is the pursuit of flawlessness.

It demands flawless execution and an absence of any errors throughout the entire process. Nothing short of perfection is deemed acceptable.



Personally, the idea of being a perfectionist is rather daunting and, dare I say, unproductive. Individuals with perfectionist tendencies often criticize everything and may even refuse to take action due to fear of imperfection or failure. Those who strive for excellence, however, understand that progress requires action. They invest thoughtful consideration into the process, knowing that while it may not be perfect, it is a necessary step towards improvement.

However, achieving excellence in our pursuits requires more than just desire. It demands dedication and the continuous effort to enhance our skills. Just take a moment to ask any Olympic athlete about their rigorous training and self-discipline. As a Public Speaker and Trainer, I have personally committed myself to reading and summarizing my learnings every single month. There have been countless nights where I’ve spent immersed in study, even on topics I’m already well-versed in. While others were indulging in leisurely activities, I was diligently working on self-improvement. Excellence comes at a cost, and it is certainly not cheap.

So, why subject ourselves to such hard work and discipline?

Allow me to share a few reasons why displaying excellence is not only beneficial but essential:

1. Displaying Excellence is highly rewarding in today’s society.

How many individuals do you know who possess extensive knowledge and exceptional skills in their respective fields? These individuals are often handsomely rewarded, both financially and in terms of the value they bring.


2. Displaying Excellence instills a sense of pride in one’s work.

It is innate for humans to yearn for constant improvement in their endeavors. By striving for excellence, your intrinsic self-worth is significantly amplified.


3. Displaying Excellence garners the respect and admiration of others.

When you witness someone excelling in their craft, don’t you find yourself either envious or in awe of their abilities? This fosters a sense of pride in their work and fuels their desire to continually strive for greatness.


In Conclusion

My hope for you is that you embrace and embody excellence in all that you do, whether it be in your personal or professional life. Anything worth pursuing deserves to be pursued with unwavering excellence.