The Art of Public Speaking – Speak with Power and Authority

Kenneth keynote speaker on how to build trust from personal integrity.

I have seen many people over time speak from the stage and yet lack the essence and stage presence in order to make a powerful speech that will impact people.

As a trainer and speaker who has spoken to thousands of individuals, allow me to share some concepts on the art of public speaking that will make you a very Desirable and Effective Speaker.

Whether you are doing a small presentation or a huge one, the principles are the same.

1. Know the WIIFM

Do you know what is the greatest FM station in the entire world? It’s WII FM station.

It stands for “What’s In It For Me”.

Most presenters start by sharing a joke or telling a story, while this is good, it does not usually get the buy-in from the audience right from the beginning. Speakers should try immediately start by addressing why the audience should listen to them (WIIFM). It can come in the form of presenting a problem and making it clear that it is a BIG problem.

Once the audience agrees with you and find that they need the solution, they will know that they have to listen to you.

2. Create Empathy by Sight

Most speakers do not maintain enough eye contact with their audience. They speak to audiences, but do not take time to scan the audience when they are talking. Scanning is very important as it helps the audience know that you acknowledge their presence.

A simple technique that I teach my participants is to pick three persons in the audience; one on the extreme left of the audience, centre and the extreme right. When you talk, slowly move your head from left to right, pausing for three seconds before you move to the next target person. Look out for the eyes of each person. When a person knows you are looking at him/her, they get attentive and listen closely to what you have to say.

3. Involve Participants In Actions

The more kinaesthetic activities you have with your audience, they more they will enjoy it!

Being kinaesthetic means that they are able to move their hands or legs, echo back what you have said, sharing what they have learnt with each other or patting each other on the back! These actions are important in creating energy in the room and you should us them throughout your entire program. They keep the energy level high and want to learn more.

4. Be Clear

One of the fastest way to lose an audience is to speak softly. It is important to know that audiences do want you to succeed. So, it is important to loose the inhabitations and articulate every word clearly. Test out how loud your speech is by asking the last person behind if they can hear you and give them permission to signal you if your volume of your voice were to dip.

Follow these principles on the stage or presentations and people will follow you. Start by making a Deep Impact today!