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3 Training Myths That Trainers Believe In

I just recently delivered a high energy session on how you can deliver high impact training to your audience. SIA has brought all their trainers all around the world to equip them with the skills to be better trainers and facilitators and I’m grateful to be one of the two external speakers to conduct this session. […]

How Success Starts From Knowing Your Strengths


I noticed that a lot of people around me tend to get mixed up with what is the difference between talent and strength. They sometimes use these words inter-changeably. However, I would like to clarify the main differences and how it will help someone to clarify what they can really do in life. Once you […]

If You Do Not Have This, You Will Most Likely Fail

Have you ever failed in your goals? Have you ever done something that constantly does not succeed? Have you given up on things that matter? I may have a reason why this is happening and after reading this, you will want to act on it. If you have failed before, my question to you is […]

I’m a Featured Speaker at Learning & Development Summit 2009

Great News! I just want to share that I am a Featured Speaker in this year’s Learning & Development Summit 2009. HR Professionals from different companies will be gathered to address key communication strategies for learning and development in the organization as they measure the performance of learning and development programmes. There will be TOP level professionals from […]

Have You Upgraded Your Mindset Recently?

I had a short discussion with a client just a few days ago. She was describing that people like to upgrade many things in their lives, especially their mobile phones, houses, cars, computers and even their watches! Don’t forget ladies upgrading their diamond rings too (my wife wanted me to write this)! However, how many […]

A Simple Secret to Conducting A Great Training

Participants practising

Recently I conducted a Training Session for PSB Academy on “Business Etiquette – How to Impress and Get them to remember your name!” Here are some 2 simple ways to engage your audience. 1. Discussions. Pair up, group discussions, etc. Constantly apply them and people will enjoy it! 2. Kinaesthetic movements Engaging them through movements can inject […]