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Forget New Year’s Resolutions


…But here’s the thing: most people tend to give up on doing it. They get excited easily but they drop it when they get too busy.

So, I suggest to you, forget New Year’s Resolutions.

How to create more possibilities with your team?

Create possibilities with the miracle question

I have worked with many leaders and one of their greatest desires for their teams to have is the ability to think and create more possibilities. They do not want to keep hearing their team members say what they cannot do. Instead, they want their people to share what can be possible. This article is […]

6 ways to succeed more in life

Everyone wants more success in life but it doesn’t mean that they want to do something about it. In most articles, they claim that the first step you need to do is to set SMART goals. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can you possibly succeed? Well, my answer is a […]

Listen to the wish behind every complaint


The boss’ complaint There was a senior project manager who invited me down to his office to talk about a training program for his staff. He introduced me to his company and also the type of engineering work that they were involved in. However, when it came to his team of people working on the project, […]

Seven Strategies To Get Rid Of Disempowering Habits

We are all creatures of habits and the question is whether you have habits that empower or disempower you. Empowering habits are those that help you get ahead in life. Disempowering are those that make you inefficient, ineffective or worst, make you regress in your life. Interestingly, I think that most of us develop a lot of bad […]

The Best Way To Predict Your Future

The best way to create the future

Are you concerned about your future or have invested heavily to ensure that your future is as bright as possible? Some people even get involved in different instruments, techniques or a name change to ensure that they have a bright future. However, I have found one way that we can relatively predict your future (with […]

Have You Upgraded Your Mindset Recently?

I had a short discussion with a client just a few days ago. She was describing that people like to upgrade many things in their lives, especially their mobile phones, houses, cars, computers and even their watches! Don’t forget ladies upgrading their diamond rings too (my wife wanted me to write this)! However, how many […]

One of the MOST important lessons of all time

Focus on the goal

Here’s an important lesson that helped moved my business even in the dark times that we are experiencing. If you get this, it will totally change your perspective on things. What are you focusing on? In the current economic situation we are facing, listen to what people are saying. What are their minds thinking about […]