In a lot of discussions, we tend to focus on problems, what is not working and who created it? This can lead to people getting defensive and cause low morale. In many cases, it can lead to a lot of frustrations and sometimes create a culture of laying blame.

However, what if we were to develop an environment where your people become solution focused in their conversations and thinking patterns? What if your people were to focus on possibilities, rather than problems? What if your people consistently worked on how to take small steps that lead to big changes in your organisation?

By focusing on positive goal orientation and what is already working well, this program leverages on the positive drivers that initiate change. Small steps to big changes™ has transformed many people to be more engaged at work, create possibility thinking and develop the ability to take quick action steps to create more success for themselves.

This program examines the underlying philosophy of what do we really want at the end of the day, examining what works and how to move quickly in that direction. It also creates an empowering language that serves to strengthen every individual in a team.

Here are just a few results you will experience:

  • Build resilience and self-belief within yourself and team members.
  • Adopt a more “solution-conscious” mindset rather than being “problem-focused”.
  • Understand how to create change, optimism and sustain progression.
  • Discover the micro skills to elicit quick action steps towards your desired future.
  • Overcome negativity in the workplace by using what works and evidence-based techniques.

This program is highly practical because we will work with you to reach the specific business goals that you want. You will walk away with action steps that can be implemented in the following 2-4 weeks.

If you are an individual, you may want to get a copy of the Small Steps To Big Changes book

Who MUST Attend?

Professionals who want to take a solution focused approach towards solving problems and help others do the same. This program is suitable for people who want to take active steps forward and quickly overcome issues.

Small Steps To Big Changes Outline™ 

Module One: Moving from problem talk to solution talk

  • Discover why some conversations are not useful and make people feel worst off.
  • How to overcome negativity and facilitate change.
  • How to look for the wish behind a complaint.
  • Understand Solution Focused core philosophy, basic assumptions and how it affects the psychology of a person.

Module Two: Creating best outcomes and taking small steps forward

  • How to create possibilities and help people discover what they want.
  • Uncover the power of using presupposition questions in conversations.
  • How to get others to be excited about positive changes.
  • Use a powerful technique to identify quick action steps to solve issues.

Module Three: Finding what works and how to replicate success

  • How to make big problems look small and small success look big.
  • How to shift people from problem focus into solution focus.
  • How to validate and create better decision-making.
  • How to develop a strengths based approach to improving situations.

Module Four: Understanding motivations and solution focused leadership

  • Understand principles of motivations.
  • How to create sustainable change for yourself and the organisation.
  • How to get straight into important discussions that mean something.
  • Discover a fast approach to quick solution building.

Module Five: Solution Focus applications in the workplace

  • Practice active listening skills.
  • How to create useful and empowering conversations.
  • How to conduct optimistic and fulfilling group discussions.
  • How to increase performance levels with team members.

Duration of program:

For Individual Contributors: One Day (Modules One to Three)

For Supervisors and Leaders: Two Days (Modules One to Five)

Here’s what others have to say about our Solution Focused Approach: 

metlife-logo“It’s a simple yet logical way of looking at problem resolution and managing our lives in general.”

Matthew Wong, Managing Director
MetLife Singapore



“This session was insightful. Practical and tangible take-aways that you can apply immediately. Thank you for great learning!”

Swapna Dayanandan, Assistant Director L&D Specialist 
Civil Service College


dhl-logo-220“This session has given me a different perspective to coaching – Focus on competency and progression instead of just looking at the issue on hand.”

Julian Neo, Head of Commercial
DHL Express Singapore


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