Importance of Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

When you are on the road to personal development, take a look of who is around you. Are these the people that inspire you? Are these the people that make you want to succeed?

It is important to understand why having the right people around you will make all the difference in the world. Success is measured by actions. If you never get around to the actions, you have not succeeded.

Here are the reasons why the right people around you will be more fulfilling and enriching to your personal developmental needs.

1. Some people cause stress

To be more precise, some people cause consistent stress. People that cause consistent stress should not be around you. In all, stress devours will, drive, motivation and a positive outlook. A person can only have so much stress before they begin to cave in. If these are the types of people you surround yourself with daily, what are you doing to yourself?

2. Drainer versus Provider

Do the people around you lean on you for things, or do they spark your interest and motivate you to do things. The best people to be around are those people that constantly evolve and take you along for the ride. Personal development thrives on these characteristics. The idea behind these traits is the fact that it will keep you focused and consistently on the lookout for better or new ways of doing things. More importantly, it will show you how you can personally develop yourself.

3. Find people who ask more from you

One of my favourite shows like Rocky, I can always recall the Rocky’s coach demanding more of him. Words like, “You can do 10 more push-ups or get back to running another 5 laps!” Coaching him to do more than what Rocky has faith in himself. A good friend challenges you to your limit and helps you grow.


People can sometimes help you grow to your potential or they can break you. So, surround yourself with people with the right people who have your interests and you will surely go far.

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