Four questions to ask people who are resistant to change

Let’s face it, in every organisation, we will always have people who will want to be on the safe side or entrenched with years of old thinking. How do you ask questions that will help others to start moving forward into different realities? These four questions  to ask people who are resistant to change have helped me in my consulting and facilitation work with organisations and I believe it will help you as well.

“Suppose things in this new initiative worked really well for us, what would have been better or different?”

This question explores new possibilities and gets those who are resistant to change to think differently about the current situation.

“What is safe enough to try?”

This helps others to reduce the effects of risk. If you are not sure, why not try something small instead of taking a big step?

“Is it good enough for now?”

This question combats the desire for perfection and thus leading to the lack of implementation. We want to explore what is a small progressive step rather than huge (albeit clear) ones.

“What’s a small step we can take to move things forward?”

It makes the group identify what is a small step they are willing to take to move forward instead of getting entrenched into old ideas.