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  • Book Project: Need your help to refer key leaders for an interview

      I am writing a new book about creating high performance teams and need to interview key leaders from successful companies that have performed financially well because of strong and dynamic teams; whether management team or functional teams. Non profit or government organisations can also included if they have such teams as well. I have […]

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  • Getting People to Consistently Trust You In All You have to say

    Trust is the currency in all relationships, whether in office or at home. If you do not have enough of this currency, you will realise that more time, energy and money is needed to perform any task. However, the reverse is true if there is enough trust as well. Imagine how things can be done […]

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  • Article Featured in Straits Times, Recruit (Pg C16- Dated Monday, 22 Mar 2010)

    Another one of my articles appeared in the Straits Times on 22 Mar 2010, Recruit Section. Trust is one of the biggest issues that faces any team and everyone says that you need it but how many of them actually teach you how to establish trust step by step? This article will teach you how […]

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  • 10 Ways to Inspire Team Members to Consistently Give Their Best

    Let’s start with a little analogy of teamwork. Have you observed how a flock of geese fly? They usually fly in V formation and those at the back will usually honk at the one in front. This is to encourage the lead geese who puts in most of the work to overcome wind resistance. Once […]

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