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The Best Way To Predict Your Future

The best way to create the future

Are you concerned about your future or have invested heavily to ensure that your future is as bright as possible? Some people even get involved in different instruments, techniques or a name change to ensure that they have a bright future. However, I have found one way that we can relatively predict your future (with […]

Resilient Leadership For Our World Today

Recently I had the privilege to attend a Resilient Leadership Seminar in Singapore and there were a few great speakers there. Allow me to share with you in humility what I have gleaned from the great minds of three people: 1. Samuel Lock, MD of Clarion Consultants 2. Professor Chow Gan Moog, Head of Department […]

Empowerment of staff

I recently went to Malacca, Malaysia to conduct a recce on a particular hotel for a huge convention slated in end 2009. The experience of being able to visit all the suites and rooms was rather pleasant and it gave me a good impression of the quality and services offered by the hotel. At the […]