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Mission Accomplished! The manuscript for the book is completed

Mission Accomplished Stamp

I have finally accomplished my goal of writing 30,000 words in my book. It has been a long and tiring journey of constant pressure, lack of sleep, and fatigue. To hold myself accountable, I was updating my friends and clients on my progress every day: Report the number of words written  (I even had a […]

Four Sure-Fire Ways to NOT Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Most people tend to give up on making New Year’s Resolution simply because they claim they do not work. Below are some sure ways to totally sink your New Year’s Resolutions (if you have made any). 1. Create a Total Lack Of Clarity in What You Want Just make statements such as “I want to […]

Get Back 20% of Your Time Lost At Work! (Part 2 of 2)

This is part 2/2 of the continuation in “Get Back 20% of Your Time Lost At Work!” 4. Reduce Meeting Time And Set Clear Objectives For It Long meetings with no clear objectives are often another potential time waster. It is always essential to have a clear agenda with a specific outcome you want to […]