Get noticed: 8 things that your boss wished you did more

After working with thousands of directors and leaders from many different countries, I have noticed that there common areas which they wished their team members are better in. Your boss will surely notice you if you do these! 1.    Speak up more by giving feedback or share ideas Bosses wished their people spoke up […]

Are you suffering from BSOS?


Have you heard of this plague that is sweeping across the world? It has affected a lot of people so much that they instantly lose focus on what they are supposed to do, and focus on things that are more interesting.   Here’s a quick check whether you are suffering from BSOS. Aka Bright Shining […]

People do not leave jobs, they leave their bosses

People leave their bosses, not jobs

Whenever a person leaves a company, it is estimated to cost their employers about 2 years of that person’s salary. This cost comprises rehiring, training, loss of contacts that this person might have, employee benefits, etc. During exit interviews, I don’t think you will actually hear the REAL reasons why they leave. After talking to […]