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Why Most Managers Fail In Performance Conversations

Let’s face it, performance reviews are nothing more than a witch hunt. You would know this if you are a manager. While nobody gets burnt at the stake, the negative conversations can surely burn your spirit. The issue at hand is that when it is conducted, it tends to be negative, constantly focusing on gaps […]

Are you Efficiently Effective?

I know that this statement sounds like a mouthful. Before we answer that statement, we must first define the terms: Efficient– Being able to perform a task quickly without consuming too much resource (Eg, time, money and etc). Effective– Being able to do what is important. In your everyday work, just look around and ask, […]

One of the MOST important lessons of all time

Focus on the goal

Here’s an important lesson that helped moved my business even in the dark times that we are experiencing. If you get this, it will totally change your perspective on things. What are you focusing on? In the current economic situation we are facing, listen to what people are saying. What are their minds thinking about […]