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Are you suffering from BSOS?


Have you heard of this plague that is sweeping across the world? It has affected a lot of people so much that they instantly lose focus on what they are supposed to do, and focus on things that are more interesting.   Here’s a quick check whether you are suffering from BSOS. Aka Bright Shining […]

6 Ways to Improving Your Performance at Work

Focus on the goal

Work is everywhere around you and sometimes it is hard to find time to do everything. Let me suggest ways on how you can significantly be more effective. Here are 6 simple steps to dramatically boost your performance at work in any field and achieve the more success in what you do. 1. Focus is […]

Being Effective Without Putting In More Time

Are you constantly struggling to find more time to finish your work? Do you constantly lose focus and get impatient when things are slow? Do you feel that you are ineffective sometimes and do not bring results to whatever you do? If the answer YES to any of these statements above, this article might just […]

Are you Efficiently Effective?

I know that this statement sounds like a mouthful. Before we answer that statement, we must first define the terms: Efficient– Being able to perform a task quickly without consuming too much resource (Eg, time, money and etc). Effective– Being able to do what is important. In your everyday work, just look around and ask, […]