To be competitive of the intense global business environment, companies need to leverage on their most powerful asset in their company, which is their human capital. Effective teamwork is needed for achieving results and performance.

This intensive program will develop trust and focus on leading your team effectively. 

Leading High Performance Teams

This training is based on proven strategies and highly experiential activities. It goes beyond theory and simulates the business environment. It enhances their ability to lead and cast vision to their teams, navigating through tough situations to build high impact teams.

Who Must Attend?

Managers, Executives, Educators, Leaders and those who want to achieve success in creating high impact teams.

At the end of the training, you will:

  • High-Performance-Team-Team-Performance-Modelset the foundation towards leading high impact teams.
  • instill clarity of what your team is doing towards your organizational objectives.
  • create lead measures that helps you overcome meaningless activity and focus on results based actions.
  • create an atmosphere of trust among team members and their leader.
  • develop an environment of open communication that gets people to share openly without fear of backlash and generate meaningful discussion.
  • achieve team goals consistently through a structure of accountability.
  • learn how to build positive and empowering relationships at work.


Keynote : 1 hour

Training : 2 days

Program Outline

Module 1

Changing Perspectives

  • Re-examine current mindsets and attitudes.
  • Taking personal responsibility for our own actions. 

Clarity of Purpose

  • Identifying and addressing root problems and not symptoms.
  • How to overcome fire fighting in the work environment and make progress.
  • Getting team members to share collective goals for the team.
  • Create a process to constantly keep sight of your goals.

Accountability for Results

  • Secrets to building accountability and commitment.
  • How to develop momentum to spur progress.
  • What to do when everyone is too busy with daily operational activities.


Module 2

Inspire Trust

  • Understanding your values and how it affects your work environment.
  • How to build trust that increases productivity and profits for the team.
  • Work on the exact factors that affect trust issues.
  • How to get people to believe each other consistently.
  • Creating a WIN-WIN and collaborative mindset.


Module 3

Atmosphere of Open Communication

  • How to get your team members to open up and discuss issues.
  • How to create safe environments and allow ideas to flourish.
  • What to do when you need to handle conflicts and opinions.
  • Why productive conflict is necessary to improving synergy.


Module 4


  • Know why people are not your biggest problem at work.
  • Learn methods to make your colleagues feel loved and supported in their work.
  • Relook at ways to encourage, motivate and incentivise team performance.
  • How to help team members succeed in their work.

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