The Psychology Of Total Communication

People communicate daily but what makes communication effective? In a fast moving corporate environment, how do you ensure that your message gets across its intended way and influences people in what you want?

effective communication

This program shares the secrets of what makes people successful in getting their ideas and feelings across, while building techniques of listening and communication.

This high energy and highly experiential workshop moves away from the traditional lecture-style of learning, to include active discussions, practical role-play situations, and interactive activities to educate the important concepts of effective communication.

Who MUST Attend?

Managers and executives who wants to communicate clearly and effectively with their superiors, colleagues, and anyone in the workplace.

At the end of the training, you will :

  • Understand and overcome barriers to effective communication.
  • Know how to bring your point across clearly in the workplace.
  • Be self-aware of what is spoken and unspoken in your communication.
  • Sharpen listening skills and make conversation more productive.
  • Ask clarifying questions and be assertive when needed.

Program Outline 

Module One

  • What makes communication effective and learn the communication model.
  • Identify internal and external factors that impact your communication.
  • How to use active listening techniques and create emotional connection.
  • Understand the role of empathy and sympathy in communication.

Module Two

  • How selection of words is important to the mood and outcome of a conversation.
  • How to build rapport with anyone quickly and easily.
  • How to use the right type of questions in different situations.
  • How to clarify ambiguous statements and achieve clarity.

Module Three

  • How to be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • Understand the different types of non-verbal communication.
  • How to ensure that your message gets through with its intended meaning.
  • How to be assertive when communicating with others.

Module Four

  • How to deliver difficult messages.
  • Beware of the common communication pitfalls.
  • How to create meaningful conversations and get people to open up.
  • How to give compliments that will make people appreciated.