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Fire my colleague to solve problems

Fire my colleague

“This problem can only be solved if my colleague is fired!”

What do you say to someone who says that change is only possible if colleague X is fired from your department?

This was a sincere question from one of my participants who attended my “Coaching for leaders” workshop.

What if that colleague is your boss? What if the change management is coming and is not going away? How do we help people handle things that are out of their control?

We can’t just brush that question away but need to help others see that there are different ways to process this decision.


Will firing your colleague really solve the problem?

I want to add that there are times when people think linearly. They think that the only way to solve a problem is when a colleague or a manager needs to be fired. There is no other way.


However, we know that in life, things DO NOT always operate in a linear fashion. This means that problems can only be addressed in different ways. I mean, you cannot fire your colleague or manager every time there are problems or disagreements.


Instead, events happen in a dynamic manner. There is no single way to solve problems and could also have multiple ways to solve it.


How to handle this “firing my colleague” mentality?

Watch this video on how to handle such remarks and help your colleague find other ways to solve problems at work.


Have you faced such questions before?

Email to share with us how you have handled it.

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