• About Us

    Organisations partner with Deep Impact to create meaningful experiences that enable their participants to have a sustainable, transformational and long-lasting impact on their business performance. They seek educational experiences that deliver results and real value over a period of time.

    With a diverse experience in conducting keynotes and trainings in eleven countries, thousands of people have already benefited by what it means to lead high performing lives and make a deep impact in their workplace and homes.

    Headquartered in Singapore, Deep Impact has worked with numerous multinational companies and government agencies.

    In Deep Impact, we see ourselves as your trusted advisor, confidant and advocate. We exist totally for you.


    Our Vision

    A place where people lead empowered lives.


    Our Mission

    Act in excellence to educate and inspire an outward change in behaviours of people.

  • Our Clients

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  • What Our Clients Say




    Kenneth’s session has managed to help AFSC in enhancing the team morale, improved communication, greater appreciation of differences of one another, greater unity, mission focus and better understanding of each other’s needs, talents and desires.

    ME6 Stewart Ng, Commanding Officer
    RSAF Air Force Supply Centre



    The program has conveyed simple but important and effective skills for our organisation. Through interesting games, I think the staff will be better able to retain the concepts and more importantly, practice what they have learnt. This 1.5 day programme surely will leave an impact on our organisation. We return to our job more united.

    Dr Edmund Lam, CEO
    Composers and Authors Society of Singapore



    It was a very good reminder again about the power of working together. The benefits to my organization in the long term is substantial, along with the message about taking action and not being a victim.

    P. J. Nelsen, Assistant Plant Manager



    Excellent program. Simple activities to bring across points and core values that are key to organizational success.

    Tan Yuh Woei, Country Manager
    Symantec Singapore



    bd-logo-220The impact of the presentation was so powerful that managers were requesting that the concepts be displayed in our meeting rooms as constant reminders.

    Au Yuen Keng, Director
    Becton Dickinson


    moh-logo-220Kenneth’s session has received very positive feedback from the 110 participants who attended and many had enjoyed their session with him.

    Peter Lee, Deputy Director
    Ministry of Health Singapore



    DISC Personality Profiling


    The DISC Profiling and Teambuilding Program has help me understand my personality and how to better utilize strengths and manage weaknesses.

    Lam Choon Yin, Chief Financial Officer
    ANZ Bank Singapore



    The program helped the participants in understanding their personalities and how personalities affect communication, understanding and working with each other. It has definitely helped teamwork and interaction.

    Catherine Lee, General Manager




  • Testimonial Letters

  • Interviews

    Radio Interviews of Kenneth Kwan:
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    3. Malaysia’s BFM 89.9: Creating a Highly Motivated Life