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  • When teambuilding can actually do more harm than good

    You might be surprised; teambuilding can sometimes do more harm than good. After running teambuilding programs for ten years, here is our quick rundown on the three situations when you should not use teambuilding. 1.    Use it to solve deep-rooted issues. I personally believe that teambuilding provides the platform for discussion and teaches the […]

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  • Radio Interview on BFM89.9: Powerful Strategies To Creating High Performance Teams

    As you already know. I’m writing a new book on creating high performance teams. This process consists of writing and interviewing key leaders from successful companies. It’s also a process of distilling the wisdom of senior leaders in such organisations. I’m glad to be invited to Malaysia’s BFM Radio 89.9 to share on my expertise […]

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  • Here Are The Limitations Of Most Teambuilding Programs

    I have spoken to many clients about their teambuilding needs and realised that many companies want to have teambuilding programs without very clear objectives. Generic statements like the ones below are often uttered: “We want them to be more cohesive and have a spirit of camaraderie.” “Foster closer ties and have teamwork.” “We have gone […]

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  • Getting People to Consistently Trust You In All You have to say

    Trust is the currency in all relationships, whether in office or at home. If you do not have enough of this currency, you will realise that more time, energy and money is needed to perform any task. However, the reverse is true if there is enough trust as well. Imagine how things can be done […]

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  • Article Featured in Straits Times, Recruit (Pg C16- Dated Monday, 22 Mar 2010)

    Another one of my articles appeared in the Straits Times on 22 Mar 2010, Recruit Section. Trust is one of the biggest issues that faces any team and everyone says that you need it but how many of them actually teach you how to establish trust step by step? This article will teach you how […]

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