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  • 4 tips when presenting on large stages

    I recently delivered a closing keynote on a large stage for 2000 people and there are interesting things to take note: 1. The clicker that you use will not be yours but a simple box that can just go next and back. This is because it has an amazing range but it can’t blank the […]

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  • Kenneth Kwan- Awarded the CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional)

    I was recently been awarded with the designation of CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional). The CSP™ is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill and less than than 12% of 5000 over professional speakers worldwide hold the designation. This rigorous certification process reviews a minimum of 250 speaking engagements within 10 years and documented earning […]

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  • Radio Interview on BFM89.9: Powerful Strategies To Creating High Performance Teams

    As you already know. I’m writing a new book on creating high performance teams. This process consists of writing and interviewing key leaders from successful companies. It’s also a process of distilling the wisdom of senior leaders in such organisations. I’m glad to be invited to Malaysia’s BFM Radio 89.9 to share on my expertise […]

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  • Keen to See Richard Branson In Person?

    Ever wanted to listen to top business leaders on how they think and challenge convention? What if you could watch these people LIVE in action? If you want to grow in your professional skills, you have to learn from the very best and this time, you will get to do it! Here are some of […]

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  • Accelerate Your Success by Speaking!

    I will be holding a few talks on Public speaking and how you can connect with people from the stage. Do you know that public speaking is the number one fear and is ranked higher than dying itself. But what if you could overcome that fear? What if you were to speak infront of audiences, […]

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