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  • How to create more possibilities with your team?

    Possibilites with miracle question

    I have worked with many leaders and one of their greatest desires for their teams to have is the ability to think and create more possibilities. They do not want to keep hearing their team members say what they cannot do. Instead, they want their people to share what can be possible. This article is […]

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  • 6 ways to succeed more in life

    Everyone wants more success in life but it doesn’t mean that they want to do something about it. In most articles, they claim that the first step you need to do is to set SMART goals. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can you possibly succeed? Well, my answer is a […]

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  • Mission Accomplished! The manuscript for the book is completed

    I have finally accomplished my goal of writing 30,000 words in my book. It has been a long and tiring journey of constant pressure, lack of sleep and fatigue. To hold myself accountable, I was updating my friends and clients on my progress every day: Report about the number of words written  (I even had […]

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  • Want to get something done? Make a public declaration

    One of the highlights in a speaker’s life is to write a book. This is a goal that I have always had but never was able to work it because there were too many things I had to attend to. Just like any other person, I had meetings to attend, speaking engagements, consultancy projects, dealing […]

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  • Why focusing on your strengths is going to make you more successful

    I have been conducting a lot of strategic retreats and facilitation sessions with my clients. Most of them start off with a problem statement or talk about what is not working well at work. Most of the time, it tends to end up with different groups of people pointing fingers at each other, people getting defensive and […]

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