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  • Why Most Managers Fail In Performance Conversations

    Let’s face it, performance reviews are nothing more than a witch hunt. You would know this if you are a manager. While nobody gets burnt at the stake, the negative conversations can surely burn your spirit. The issue at hand is that when it is conducted, it tends to be negative, constantly focusing on gaps […]

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  • Do you honestly ask for feedback?

    The Leadership Masterclass

    After conducting a training session a week ago, my colleague and I picked up the phone to call participants who attended our program. Rather than being blinded by the “trainer’s syndrome” (where trainers walk away thinking that they ran a great program while the participants don’t share the same level of enthusiasm), we asked each person what they […]

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  • What happened at the Personal Branding for Corporate Success Seminar?

    September 2012 was the most exciting months for me as I was one of the speakers for the Personal Branding for Corporate Success Seminar. Participants received lots of useful and valuable tips from all the speakers that day, on how they can get ahead in their lives through personal branding and influence. If you miss […]

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  • Six Tips To Dealing With Difficult People

      Tom dreads to work because he thinks that his boss is overbearing and often wants to micromanage him. For Susan, every morning is always a challenge as she tries to wake her son up for school. David feels that he is too nice and is unable to say “no” when someone requests for help. […]

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  • Win People Over Rather Than Win Arguments

    Image by Anders V via Flickr Winning an argument is tempting for most people working in a team. Who does not wish to be right? Who does not want to have the last say and feel victorious? But if your focus is on the team’s progress and not on personal whims, sometimes it is better […]

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