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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Whenever we talk about achieving happiness in life, we would inevitably mention money. Recently, I gave a talk on ‘Authentic Happiness’ to an audience in Indonesia, and I received many intriguing questions and answers.

In the talk, I asked my audience, “Can Money Buy Happiness?”

Many answered “No, money doesn’t buy you happiness.” What do you think?

Allow me to share with you in the two videos below on what science and research says about happiness and money.


In the two part video series, I will also share the 3 tips on achieving authentic happiness. The two videos might answer some of the questions you have about achieving happiness in your life:

“Why people are not happy in their lives?”

“Does more money equate to more happiness?”

“What are some things that I can do to make myself happier?


Watch the videos to find out the answers! Do leave your comments below, I want to hear from you.