Book Project: Need your help to refer key leaders for an interview

I have to endure a lot of coffees to finish 18,000 words so far.

I have to endure a lot of coffee to finish 18,000 words so far.


I am writing a new book about creating high performance teams and need to interview key leaders from successful companies that have performed financially well because of strong and dynamic teams; whether management team or functional teams. Non profit or government organisations can also included if they have such teams as well.

I have outlined 5 distinct characteristics of high performance teams and would sincerely need your help in referring me to any key leaders in companies who you think display any of these characteristics below. While I understand that it might not be easy to display all the traits below, I am looking for interviewees who feel that their teams display at least one of more of the following characteristics:

 1. Clarity of purpose

– Companies who are constantly clear of their objectives and have a strict discipline of focusing in delivering their objectives.

– They must not be shifting their targets constantly throughout the year, but monitor frequently (at least once a month) to ensure that they are on track.

 2. Atmosphere of trust

– Company which displays a high level of trust between leaders and their team members.

– A place where leaders walk the talk.

 3. Atmosphere of open communication

–  How leaders display an atmosphere of open communication within their current teams and or organisation. This means that team members can be forth-coming without fear or backlash.

– Teams engage in a healthy level of debate within their organisation to get perspectives over different issues.

 4. Accountability for results

– There is a culture where team members constantly review or hold each other accountable for their team goals.

– There could be a formal or informal process to conduct this accountability session in a regular interval.

 5. Care and concern

– Teams display a certain level of care and concern for their staff and have a lower staff turnover percentage (when compared to their industry percentage).

– Able to share how teams are able to achieve better results due to the level of care and concern to their staff.

What’s in it for them?

In research for case studies and examples provided by such companies, there is a very good chance that I will feature them in my findings and talk about the success of the participating companies. The company itself and/or the specific team will be identified and published in the book.

Kindly help refer me to key leaders who are able to share more about the success they have in their companies while exhibiting the above characteristics. I hope to be able to seek a 40min face-to-face interview at their earliest convenience. Questions will be provided to them before the interview.

I truly appreciate your help and can be contacted at +65 6274 5145 or kenneth @ deepimpactonline . com.