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    1. Do Personalities Change?    2. Do Different Personalities Attract or Repel?   3. Can Money Buy Happiness? (1/2)     3. Can Money Buy Happiness? (2/2)  

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  • Interviews

    Radio Interviews of Kenneth Kwan: 1. Singapore’s 938 Live: Do Motivational Talks Really Works   2. Malaysia’s BFM 89.9: Powerful Strategies to Creating High Performance Teams   3. Malaysia’s BFM 89.9: Creating a Highly Motivated Life

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    Here are some articles by Deep Impact trainers rated highly by readers. Behavioral Profiling Do personalities change? Why do you act the way you do? Coaching 5 strategies to retain learning even after years Are you holding on to the monkey? How to be more solution focused rather than problem focused How to motivate yourself […]

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