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  • 6 ways to succeed more in life

    Everyone wants more success in life but it doesn’t mean that they want to do something about it. In most articles, they claim that the first step you need to do is to set SMART goals. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can you possibly succeed? Well, my answer is a […]

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  • When teambuilding can actually do more harm than good

    You might be surprised; teambuilding can sometimes do more harm than good. After running teambuilding programs for ten years, here is our quick rundown on the three situations when you should not use teambuilding. 1.    Use it to solve deep-rooted issues. I personally believe that teambuilding provides the platform for discussion and teaches the […]

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  • The magic of winning small so that you can win big

    I recently spoke in a regional business meeting in Thailand about how small steps in the right direction leads to larger changes. Many organisations or people tend to set big goals and look out for big steps that will make all the difference. A lot of times most people will fail with big steps or […]

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  • 4 tips when presenting on large stages

    I recently delivered a closing keynote on a large stage for 2000 people and there are interesting things to take note: 1. The clicker that you use will not be yours but a simple box that can just go next and back. This is because it has an amazing range but it can’t blank the […]

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  • Old Economy Versus New Economy

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